Predators: The Ultimate Killing Machines

Jan 30, 2024 | Science, Videos

Predators is an innovative documentary series that takes viewers on an unprecedented journey into the hidden lives of some of nature’s deadliest hunters. The six-part series uses miniature cameras to show the chase from the perspective of the predator, offering a unique view of each thrilling encounter. Special action replays and computer animations allow for a detailed analysis of both hunter and prey, showing how little margin for error exists in these intense struggles for survival.

David Wallace, one of Predators’ producers, spoke about the goal behind the series: “In traditional natural history series, we take viewers to a place or event and give them binoculars to observe it from afar. In Predators, our aim was to zero in on one particular moment – when a predator detects, identifies and captures its prey – and explore it thoroughly. It’s incredibly important that viewers understand not only this moment but also what goes into it from both sides: senses, bodies, behaviours; everything has to be spot on for it to work.”

The first episode featured cheetahs, crocodiles, golden eagles, great white sharks and spiders as they hunt their chosen targets. It was revealed that spiderlings feed on their own mother while polar bears have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell which enables them to detect seals up to 64 km away. Even more remarkable is the fact that killer whales can take over thirty years refining their technique for catching sea lions by beaching themselves.

Despite its intense subject matter, Wallace insists there is no gore or violence in Predators: “We simply want people to appreciate the magnificence of both predator and prey alike”. If you’re looking for an exciting new perspective on these powerful creatures then Predators is definitely worth checking out!

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