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Jul 18, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Porsche Macan, the compact SUV, is a perfect combination of sports car DNA and off-road efficiency. Each model is a masterpiece of logistics and engineering design. The Leipzig factory, where over 90,000 Macan cars are produced every year, is a spectacle that would leave you in awe.
The entire production of a fully galvanized aluminum-steel car body, from the fabrication to the painting and assembling, is a perfectly synchronized spectacle with the precision of a clockwork in perpetual motion. Thanks to this, each car produced is completely unique and is bespoke manufactured to order. The end result is a balancing act- to retain outstanding quality and yet deliver volume.
One of the key factors that make Porsche Macan unique is its individual quality control. Each car body is checked with utmost precision to ensure that it reaches the standards of this legendary sports car manufacturer. This ensures that the customization available comes to manufacturing precison.
Since the opening of the Leipzig factory, Porsche has invested over EUR 1.3 billion in this facility, making it a top-of-the-line engineering production unit. One such investment is in energy-saving, which is achieved through efficient robotic use, and produced on the rooftops from natural solar energy. The photovoltaic system consists of more than 17,500 modules. Porsche also has created ecological compensation areas and managed eco-systems for the sealed ground space.
You can learn more about the Porsche Macan production process in the documentary. It is amazing to see how an army of robots and almost 4,300 employees supported by people turn pure sheet metal into sub-frames.
Don’t miss out- watch the documentary and witness the spectacle of engineering craftsmanship at its best.

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