Police under pressure – Fighting crime in Germany

Dec 12, 2023 | Crime, People, Political, Videos

A wave of burglaries in Germany in recent years has left the police struggling to cope with the high number of cases. The statistics are dismal: out of 170,000 burglaries that take place in the country each year, only 15 percent are solved. But two officers from Berlin’s crime prevention squad are determined to turn the tide. Heike Schröder and Silvio Baumgart are part of a rapid-response unit that aims to improve the figures with a new approach. They are at the forefront of an intense race to solve some of the country’s most notorious break-ins.
With their crime-scene team leading the charge, Heike and Silvio investigate every burglary in Berlin, hoping to gather evidence that can help solve multiple cases. Using their deep knowledge of the city’s criminal underworld combined with cutting-edge analysis techniques, these officers are making progress. But the number of break-ins continues to rise, putting them under more pressure than ever. In this gripping documentary, we follow Heike and Silvio as they attempt to bring the perpetrators to justice and restore some sense of safety and security to the citizens of Germany.

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David B