Police State

Aug 2, 2022 | Conspiracy, Videos

“Police State is a three-series documentary movie made by Alex Jones, exposing the growing relationship between the military and police. He gives hard evidence by showing how US marines train with foreign troops and learn how to control and contain civilian populations as practiced during Operation: Urban Warrior, special-forces helicopter attacks on south Texas towns, concentration camps, broad unconstitutional police actions, search and seizure and more. It also shows how peaceful protesters were cast in a bad light by left-wing anarchists who were controlled by the state.

In over two and a half hours, Alex Jones charts in stunning detail the true character of the globalists and apprise the viewers of the master plan of the corrupt elite to financially, physically and spiritually imprison not only America but the world.

Total Enslavement, the third installment in the critically-acclaimed Police State series documents the nightmare rise of the Homeland Security dictatorship, Patriot Acts 1 and 2, the Total Information Awareness Network, government-run white slavery rings, the new prison surveillance economy and much more. Thus the only solution is the timely exposure of the government sponsored terrorism who deceive the public disguised as saviors and heroes.”

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Riyan H.