Pol Pot: The Journey to the Killing Fields

Jan 29, 2024 | Crime, Military/War, News, Political, Videos

The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, or S-21, is an eerie reminder of the horrors faced by the Cambodian people under Pol Pot’s rule. The school in Phnom Penh had been transformed into a secret prison and torture center where thousands were brutally interrogated and executed. Out in the countryside, hundreds of mass graves, known as the Killing Fields, bore witness to the atrocity that was committed against almost two million people – one fourth of the entire population.

Pol Pot had sought to control every aspect of daily life. Under his rule, people lost their freedom of expression and movement; they were forced to wear drab outfits and could no longer live with their families or even follow their own beliefs. Executions often occurred without warning or due process. Hunger was used as a tool for coercion – food supplies were withheld from those deemed disloyal or careless enough to question authority.

This documentary provides a harrowing glimpse into this dark period in history. It interviews survivors who still recall the terror they experienced at Tuol Sleng all those years ago, as well as experts on genocide who provide context for what happened in Cambodia during those four tragic years. Accompanied by evocative visuals that capture both the beauty of Cambodia and its still healing wounds, this film will give viewers insight into what it felt like to be living through such an oppressive regime.

If you are looking for a comprehensive exploration of this tumultuous part of history, look no further than ‘The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum’ documentary series. With its powerful depiction of events and expert accounts from survivors, this series will make you feel closer to understanding this tragedy than ever before – do not miss your chance to witness it firsthand!

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David B