Plastic Promises: Coca Cola’s Recycling Lie

Sep 26, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The upcoming documentary delves deep into the issue of plastic production and its catastrophic consequences on our planet. Titled “Sugar-Filled Promises,” it exposes the broken promises made by multinational companies like Coca-Cola, which sells 4000 plastic bottles every second, and takes an incisive look at whether recycling is indeed the solution.
With ten tons of plastic produced every second, and a tenth of that ending up in our oceans, experts predict that by 2050, the sea could have more plastic than fish. The film investigates whether the world can trust the recycled promises made by such companies in light of this global scourge. Through this two-part series, viewers are taken on a gripping ride that will change the way they perceive plastic production, recycling, and its impact on the environment, forever.

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David B