Ping-Pong against Parkinson’s

Nov 24, 2023 | People, Sports, Videos

Silke Kind finds reprieve from Parkinson’s while playing table tennis. Her stiff limbs and tremors subside, offering a much-welcomed respite from the effects of her incurable disease. Despite a lack of scientific research on ping pong’s potential impact on Parkinson’s patients, Silke’s physiotherapist sees the positive influence the sport has on her symptoms. The interest in using ping pong to address Parkinson’s is growing, with about 170 support points in Germany alone.
A new documentary delves into the experiences of Silke and others who seek solace in the sport. The film explores the powerful impact of ping pong on those with Parkinson’s and the growth of the Ping Pong Parkinson’s movement. Through interviews with doctors, patients, and support groups, the documentary offers a compelling look into the ways that table tennis serves as a form of therapy and community for those affected by Parkinson’s disease.

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David B