Period: End of Sentence is an inspiring documentary that shines a light on the culture and taboo of menstruation in India. The film captures the story of a group of women in the small village of Hapur, located in northern India, who are determined to break through societal boundaries by creating and distributing sanitary pads that are both affordable and biodegradable.

The documentary follows these remarkable women as they work together to overcome the long-held tradition of disregarding female bodies in their community. Through their efforts, Period: End of Sentence shows how each individual can make a tangible difference when given the right tools and education.

This important film takes the viewer on an educational journey as it explores issues such as period poverty and gender inequality. Despite its heavy subject matter, Period: End of Sentence makes sure to bring hope to its audience as it follows the women’s uplifting story of empowerment through hard work and determination.

In order to truly understand how far we have come in terms of gender equality, it is crucial that we understand where we’ve been – and Period: End of Sentence provides us with an invaluable glimpse into this history. It uncovers all aspects of menstruation and offers insight into how taboos surrounding periods have affected generations past and present.

We urge you to watch this incredible documentary for yourself so that you too can be inspired by these incredible women’s efforts for change. By doing so, you will surely gain more knowledge about menstruation while also gaining appreciation for those who strive to create positive change within their communities!