Perilous trip to reach dream destination US

Dec 10, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals embark on a treacherous yet hopeful journey through Central America, driven by the desire to start a new life in the US. For many, this is the only way to escape violence and economic misery. But this trip is far from easy, especially for women and children who are particularly vulnerable to the dangers that lie ahead.
Miriam and Karen, along with their young children, have recently joined the ranks of those taking this perilous journey in an attempt to flee violence and misery in Honduras. They face countless obstacles and life-threatening risks on their way to the US. Due to their financial situation, they’re forced to travel aboard “La Bestia”, the freight train infamous for its high accident rates and extreme violence. Ofelia Harms Arruti has documented their journey in a gripping report that sheds light on the stark reality of life for those who embark on the journey to a better life.

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