Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius

Jan 26, 2024 | News, Political, Science, Social, Videos

Percy Julian was a groundbreaking scientist, and in 1950 he achieved the impressive feat of becoming one of only a few African Americans with a Ph.D. It is no surprise then that he was named Chicago’s man of the year. Despite his accomplishments, Percy faced many hardships in his life; he was born into a family of former Alabama slaves, and experienced his fair share of racism and segregation in America. He encountered difficulty finding a teaching job and even received death threats.

However, despite these barriers, Percy was able to break free in the laboratory. He had genius, devotion and determination that allowed him to become a pioneer in medicinal drug synthesis from plants. Percy was the first to synthesise an entire chemical compound which led to the foundation for the steroid drug industry. His work revolutionised chemistry and made him into a self-made millionaire and civil rights pioneer.

This NOVA special documentary shows us how Percy Julian overcame all obstacles to become one of the greatest minds in history. It dives deep into his story, from where he came from to how he changed the world with his discoveries. This two-hour long documentary is an incredible testament to one man’s extraordinary journey through adversity; it will inspire us all with its message of hope and determination! Therefore, we urge you to watch this thought-provoking piece about one remarkable man – don’t miss out on Percy Julian: Breaking The Color Barrier!

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