People, passion and making a living (India shorts competition 1/3)

Sep 29, 2023 | Activism, Culture, People, Social, Videos

From ancient calligraphy to modern tuk-tuk driving: as India rapidly modernizes, what unique and traditional modes of work are beginning to disappear? And what does daily life look like for the people who still practice these centuries-old trades? This is the subject of “It Happens Only in India”, a series of award-winning documentary shorts that offer a peek into the daily lives of modern Indians.
Produced as a collaboration between and DW, “It Happens Only in India” showcases a diverse range of stories and perspectives from all corners of the country, from street performers to calligraphers to farmers. Through vivid and poignant visuals, the documentary paints a rich and nuanced picture of the country’s social and cultural landscape. Filmed with passion and skill, these films prove that the world’s largest democracy remains full of surprises and unexpected wonders.

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David B