Penn and Teller: Bullshit! – The War On Drugs

Jan 25, 2024 | Drugs, Videos

Penn & Teller’s Showtime documentary “Penn and Teller: Bullshit” has been tackling modern controversies for years. In their latest episode, “The War on Drugs,” they explore the national debate surrounding the criminalization of illegal drugs in the United States. By interviewing experts, Penn & Teller provide an insightful look into the major issues that arise from anti-drug laws, particularly when it comes to marijuana.

The show delves into many aspects of this issue, including how these laws often lead to increased criminal activity due to their prohibition status. They also highlight the need for more research into medical uses for marijuana, as well as exploring racial disparities in drug sentencing that have become increasingly prevalent over time. The documentary also examines other topics such as job loss, access to healthcare services, and even violent crime associated with illegal drugs.

Overall, “The War On Drugs” is an important documentary that should not be missed by anyone interested in criminal justice reform or understanding the effects of criminalizing certain substances. It poses questions that may make viewers uncomfortable but are necessary to confront if we ever hope to see a change in our current policies surrounding drugs and drug use. By watching this documentary, viewers will gain a new perspective on an issue that affects us all and can begin to form their own opinions on how our society should address it.

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David B