Peloponnese: A Passion for Agriculture

Oct 19, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos


The Peloponnese is an area of breathtaking beauty in southern Greece, but many of its landscapes have fallen victim to monoculture and wildfires. However, a hopeful revival for the rural area may be on the horizon. A younger generation of people are returning to their family farms and embracing permaculture and agroforestry, which could provide a new lease of life for the land and local communities.

This revitalization is explored in detail in an upcoming documentary from Greek production company Thetis Vision. Through interviews with locals, Thetis Vision gives a personal account of a journey through the Peloponnese, allowing viewers to understand the impact that permaculture and agroforestry can have on this region. The documentary also provides an intimate look inside how people are reclaiming their traditional way of life by building sustainable food systems and regenerative farming models.

Watching this documentary provides an opportunity to witness first hand how everyday people are creating positive change in their environment, leading to productive long-term solutions that will benefit the land and its inhabitants alike. This inspiring tale of innovation should be seen far beyond Greece’s borders; it is a story that can help inform our own sustainable practices back home.

The Peloponnese has been through enough adversity – let’s unite together and create something positive for future generations. Watch Thetis Vision’s documentary to learn more about these inspiring stories from this beautiful region in Southern Greece and the potential for change if we work together towards a better future!

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David B