Paying to Kill: Safari Hunting Tourism

Oct 23, 2023 | Animals, Crime, Environmental, Travel, Videos

The safari tourism industry is the subject of a new thought-provoking documentary that exposes the dark side of hunting in Africa. While the world was outraged when news broke of the killing of Cecil the Lion and the revelation of King Juan Carlos paying $60,000 to kill an elephant in Botswana, hundreds of Westerners travel to South Africa every year to hunt wild animals.

The documentary offers a riveting exploration of the highly lucrative hunting industry, where animals are raised for the sole purpose of being hunted on private land. For a fee of 15,000 euros, a lion can be shot, while a rhino can set hunters back a whopping 80,000 euros. To add insult to injury, hunters are even allowed to choose the size and color of the animals they desire to kill.

But what is perhaps most shocking is the complicity of locals in this barbaric practice. As Jeff Rand, the hunting guide of King Juan Carlos, states in the documentary, the act of killing is entirely legal, and the King’s elephant hunt was “a great hunt.” To these people, hunting is just a way of life; a tradition handed down through generations that they see no reason to give up.

It’s not just Africa – for those who can’t make the long journey to Africa to slaughter an innocent zebra, the animals are now being shipped to Texas, where they can still be killed. This practice brings into question the very essence of human decency and compassion towards our fellow beings.

While some may argue that this form of hunting plays a role in conservation efforts, wildlife experts say that this is far from the truth. The documentary clearly shows that hunting and the destruction of animal habitats are at the root of the decline in the number of animals in Africa.

In conclusion, this documentary is a gripping expose of the safari tourism industry, which pulls back the curtain on the trophy-hunting industry. While some may find it hard to watch, without any doubt, this thought-provoking film should be essential viewing for anyone concerned about the welfare of animals and the impact of human actions on the environment.

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David B