Patti Penn – What Is EFT (Tapping) & Why It Works

Aug 3, 2023 | Health, Videos

Patti Penn is a celebrated Reiki Master and EFT practitioner who has dedicated her life to helping people overcome their limiting beliefs, clear ancestral and personal traumas, and live the life they were meant to enjoy. Her incredible work is highlighted in the documentary HEAL, which showcases her utilizing the technique of EFT (or “tapping”) on Eva Lee as she uncovers suppressed trauma.

Penn is also the founder of Pause InJoy, an innovative program that helps its participants achieve emotional intelligence through her specialized Dynamic Tapping approach. This approach allows individuals to access a deeper connection with Spirit while clearing away any obstacles or blockages that prevent them from living their best lives. Those who have experienced Patti Penn’s teachings have found significant relief and healing from the traumas they have endured.

This compelling story of personal transformation and resilience can be seen in full on HEAL – an inspirational journey that illustrates how powerful our minds are in achieving true wellbeing. Through Patti’s guidance, we can all learn how to take ownership of our own healing process and live our lives with more joy and freedom. If you’re looking for an inspiring film to watch this week – make sure you check out HEAL and witness Patti Penn’s work first-hand!

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David B