Patent for a Pig

Jun 15, 2023 | Science, Sports, Videos

The global agrochemical and biotechnology company Monsanto has made an unprecedented move to patent parts of the genetic material of pigs, a process which would give them control over pig breeding in 160 countries. This move is a cause for alarm for farmers and breeders who have been raising these animals for generations, as this patent would effectively allow Monsanto to claim ownership of a naturally-occurring part of nature.

If granted, the patent would require money to be paid to Monsanto for every pig carrying this genetic marker. In developing countries, this could drastically reduce the number of animals available by making them unaffordable due to the cost associated with licensing them from Monsanto. In addition, farmers have already become dependent on the company in places such as the United States due to their use of genetically modified maize.

Furthermore, there are also concerns about animal infertility cases becoming increasingly common in both Europe and America due to animals being fed with genetically modified products; scientists have yet to determine what effects such foods can have on humans.

This controversial move by Monsanto has been featured in an award-winning documentary entitled “The World According To Monsanto”, which sheds light on how far this large corporation is willing to go in order to gain control over natural resources and food production worldwide. This eye-opening documentary is essential viewing for anyone interested in learning more about the effect that powerful corporations can have on our planet and its people.

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David B