Passport to Pluto, a documentary by NASA Education and Public Outreach, gives viewers an inside look into the monumental discovery and launch of the New Horizons spacecraft. From the discovery of Pluto in 1930 at Lowell Observatory to the successful launch of New Horizons from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, this documentary covers every step of its journey.

In Passport to Pluto, viewers will have access to clean rooms, control screens, and even the launch pad as they follow along with this incredible mission. Since its initial airings on Discovery Science Channel and NASA TV in January 2006, this documentary has gained immense popularity among space enthusiasts everywhere. To celebrate National Space Week in May 2007, Discovery Channel aired an updated version of Passport to Pluto that further delved into the preparations for and success of New Horizons’ Jupiter encounter.

Now Playing: New Horizons Podcasts! This fast-paced podcast follows along with New Horizons scientists and engineers as they tackle technical challenges during New Horizons’ Jupiter encounters. Listeners will be able to hear discussions ranging from activities since launch (From Earth to Jupiter), planning for Jupiter Gravity Assist (The Jupiter Flyby), and scientific data collected (Encounter with Jupiter: Science Never Sleeps). These podcasts not only provide factual information but also a captivating glimpse into what it takes to make a mission like this successful.

For those looking for an inspiring story filled with suspenseful tales of science and exploration, Passport to Pluto is perfect! With its detailed accounts from every step of the journey as well as interviews from professionals behind the scenes, this documentary provides an enlightening journey for everyone who watches it. As we enter 2020 with exciting developments ahead for the spacecraft’s mission beyond Jupiter, there has never been a better time than now for viewers around the world to experience all that Passport to Pluto has to offer!