Party Monster: The Shockumentary is an acclaimed 1998 documentary film that chronicles the rise of the club kid phenomenon in New York City, and dives deep into the life of Michael Alig; a notorious club promoter and party-thrower. The movie is based on James St. James’ book Disco Bloodbath, which recounts the murder of Angel Melendez; a drug dealer and former associate of Alig.

The documentary is produced by World of Wonder and features interviews with Alig from prison, St. James, and other former club kids. Additionally, there are archival footage from various parties as well as dramatic re-enactments. The film serves as a gripping portrayal of the outrageous lifestyle that Alig led until his imprisonment for homicide in 1997 –– it’s a must-watch for those with an interest in true crime stories or counterculture movements.

Party Monster: The Shockumentary provides viewers with intimate insight into the party scene in New York City during this time period, painting a vivid picture of excesses mixed with tragedy. It’s a cautionary tale that serves as an example of just how extreme things can get when fame and money are involved. For all viewers looking to learn more about this fascinating culture, Party Monster: The Shockumentary is absolutely essential viewing!