Paris – A Walking Travel Tour of the City of Lights

Dec 26, 2022 | Lifestyle, Travel, Videos

There are cities in the world where words are trivial and unnecessary. Such is the city of Paris. Whatever you try to tell and explain about Paris, words are excessive, as the pure view and enjoyment is merely enough to stimulate all senses.

In this video, a young enthusiast takes you through the magnificent city, in a walking tour guide. There is no commentary, so you can enjoy the slow guide through the city.

A genuine and authentic documentary, it only gets to scratch the surface of the beautiful city that Paris is. From the parks, to the public transport, to the Montmartre and the Eiffel Tower, you get to experience the turbulent and dynamic life of Paris in a rather unconventional way.

At the end, you get the feeling you’ve been there all along, which is a compliment to the great angle of the camera and the directing. However, don’t make that stop you from thinking about visiting Paris, it is a must see city in every aspect.

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Riyan H.