Palm oil isn’t as bad as you think

Jun 3, 2023 | Food/Drink, Technology, Videos

Palm oil is one of the most widely used ingredients in the world, and for good reason: it’s an incredibly versatile and efficient crop. In fact, it is estimated that palm oil accounts for over 35% of the global vegetable oil production. Unfortunately, this success has come with a heavy price – palm oil production has had devastating impacts on the environment and biodiversity.

What’s even worse is that much of this destruction can be attributed to illegal and unsustainable practices by some producers. This means that not only are countless species losing their homes to deforestation but those same habitats are being destroyed in ways that aren’t even profitable for the farmers. It’s a tragedy on multiple levels, but it doesn’t have to remain this way.

We now have access to technology and knowledge which can make palm oil production sustainable for both nature and people alike. A great example of how this works can be seen in the documentary “The Palm Oil Miracle”, presented by National Geographic. The film showcases innovative solutions like integrating wildlife corridors into farmlands as well as efficient water management techniques which keep both nature and human labor safe from harm.

By watching “The Palm Oil Miracle”, viewers gain insight into what it takes to make palm oil more sustainable while also learning about new groundbreaking practices which could revolutionize how we produce crops worldwide. It provides an important lesson in how collaboration between industry leaders, scientists, conservationists, and local communities can result in a better future for us all.

So if you care about protecting nature and ensuring fair wages for workers across the globe then take some time out of your day to watch “The Palm Oil Miracle” – you won’t regret it! Not only will you learn about years of research but also how simple lifestyle changes can help make our planet greener for generations to come.

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David B