Pakistan: The Valley of the Immortals

Jul 14, 2023 | People, Travel, Videos

Winter in the Wakhi villages of Shimshal and Chipoorson, perched at over 12,000 feet altitude, is a uniquely challenging time of year. For months on end, these remote mountain villages are cut off from the outside world by snow-covered trails and ice-packed mountain passes – a perilous journey even for the most experienced driver.

Raymond and Mohammad are two such drivers brave enough to take on these treacherous roads in their 4×4 vehicles or minibusses. Every careful step they take brings them closer to their destination, but just one wrong move could send them careening down two thousand feet below.

Perched in the Hunza mountains near the Chinese border, Wakhi villages like Shimshal and Chipoorson have long carried on their centuries-old traditions despite modernity’s increasing presence. One such tradition is buzkashi: a ferocious game where acrobatic riders compete for possession of a goat carcass!

The documentary “Winter in Wakhi” takes viewers into this wild and beautiful region, giving them an up-close look at Raymond, Mohammad, and other locals as they attempt to survive winter in this extreme environment. We witness firsthand what it takes to battle nature’s elements – both alone and together – as well as how Wakhi cultural heritage can remain strong even amidst changing times.

So join us for an adventure that will take you beyond your wildest imagination – watch Winter in Wakhi today and experience life in one of the highest inhabited places on Earth!

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David B