Pain and the brain | Julia Gover

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One in five people suffer with a persistent pain condition. That can be related to a long-standing illness or injury, pain syndrome, or migraine.

What happens in your brain every time you feel pain? How do you cope with pain? Do you know that some people live with pain on a daily basis?

Chronic pain is hard to manage. This documentary takes a look at people with conditions that cause constant pain, including illness, arthritis, pain syndrome, migraines, and much more.

In this TED Talk, Julia talks about her experience and how some people feel trapped by their pain. She tries to break down some myths around pain and aid people in their recovery.

Julia has specialized in the field of medical acupuncture and pain management. She has treated hundreds of patients, including elderly, office workers, professional athletes, and more. As a member of the Royal College of Chiropractors, Julia tries to help people in many ways.

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