Our noise is killing marine life, but we can turn down the volume

Sep 13, 2023 | Animals, Environmental, Videos

The ocean is no longer the peaceful, tranquil environment we once knew. The waves are instead filled with a cacophony of noise from ships and other vessels passing through. It’s louder than ever before and it’s having a devastating effect on marine life.

Whales, for example, rely on sound to communicate over vast distances. But the constant barrage of noise from passing ships has rendered them almost completely deaf in areas of heavy traffic. Plankton, too, are more likely to die off when exposed to excessive levels of noise pollution. Fish also avoid these areas due to the stress caused by high decibel levels, making it harder for them to find food and reproduce.

The impact of this growing noise pollution is huge and often overlooked as humans grow increasingly disconnected from nature’s symphony. Fortunately, there are solutions that could help us reduce the harm that our vessels are doing to marine life – but they will only work if we come together and act now.

One way you can become part of the solution is by watching the documentary ‘Sonic Sea’. This award-winning film explores the dangers our oceans face due to noise pollution through interviews with scientists and activists who have devoted their lives to protecting marine species. By watching this inspiring piece of cinema you will gain a greater understanding of how your actions can help reduce ocean noise pollution – as well as opening your eyes to some amazing stories about those fighting tirelessly for change.

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David B