One German pub owner is still serving at 87

Nov 14, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

A church, a cemetery and a pub surrounded by fields and forests – the scene of a typical, idyllic German village. But it’s becoming increasingly rare. Many people are moving to the cities, and in the villages there are fewer places to meet and catch up. The pub has always been an integral part of country life, and for one lucky village of 1500 people, it’s still a thriving tradition. In Neuhaus on the river Elbe, Hildegard Schweinsberg has been running “Zur Börse” for nearly 60 years. And at age 87, she still can’t imagine ever giving up, despite often needing a walker to serve her customers. And there’s no one to take over anyway. A report by Linda Vierecke.
In the small village of Neuhaus, Germany, the “Zur Börse” pub is the center of social life. Hildegard Schweinsberg, now 87, has owned and run the pub for almost six decades, and is still behind the bar every day. But with many people moving to cities, and rural communities dwindling, the question arises: what will happen if this tradition dies out? Traditional country life has always centered around the pub, where people meet up to drink, relax, and catch up. For this village of 1,500 people, the pub remains a thriving hub of community life–at least for now. But with Schweinsberg getting up in age and no one to take over, the future of the “Zur Börse” and similar establishments is uncertain. Documentary filmmaker Linda Vierecke explores this dilemma and more in her film on the pub and its indomitable landlady.

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