On Land, In the Air & All At Sea (January – March 1941) World War II

Aug 7, 2023 | History, Military/War, Videos

The Luftwaffe’s campaign of bombardment over Britain in World War II was one of the most intense and pivotal aerial engagements in history. German aircraft sought to break British morale and resistance with a relentless barrage of bombs, while the German Afrika Korps, under the leadership of Erwin Rommel—the “Desert Fox”—were slowly strengthening their foothold in North Africa. At sea, the naval forces engaged in an epic and desperate battle against the elements and each other. Meanwhile, Japanese spies were sent on a mission to gather intel about the American Fleet at Pearl Harbor.

This incredible conflict is documented in a series of documentaries called The War At Sea: From Pearl Harbor To Hiroshima. This hard-hitting documentary brings viewers right into the middle of these historic events as it explores how these naval battles impacted life around the world during World War II. Featuring never before seen archival footage, interviews with historians and veterans, gripping storytelling, and expert analysis from renowned experts like Sir David Attenborough and Admiral William J. Crowe Jr., this series offers unparalleled insight into this monumental period in history.

For those interested in learning more about this crucial period of World War II, The War At Sea: From Pearl Harbor To Hiroshima is must watch television. With its powerful storytelling approach that provides insightful perspectives from both sides of the war, this series provides an immersive experience that will leave viewers feeling as if they had actually been there alongside men and women who experienced these extraordinary events firsthand.

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David B