Oliver The Chimp

Jan 17, 2024 | Nature, Videos

Oliver, the phenomenon who shocked the world in January 1976, is back! Photos of him revealed an upright bald ape that appeared to be a cross between a human and a chimpanzee. It was dubbed the missing link, Bigfoot, and the humanzee by the press. In Japan Oliver attained cult status due to his human-like behavior.

Now 30 years later, Oliver has been found alive and well. With modern DNA profiling we can finally uncover the mystery behind this incredible creature. And you too can be at the forefront of this fascinating discovery by watching our new documentary about Oliver’s extraordinary life.

This gripping documentary follows Oliver’s journey from his unknown origins to becoming an international celebrity. Our team of experts will demonstrate how DNA testing is being used to answer questions about Oliver’s true identity and where he came from. We also explore other possibilities such as whether he has any living relatives or if it’s possible that he could have been part of some kind of experiment all those years ago.

You won’t want to miss this compelling exploration into one of nature’s biggest mysteries! Join us as we unravel the story behind Oliver – the humanzee. With interviews from scientists, scholars and eyewitness accounts this documentary provides a unique insight into what it means to be a creature with both human and animal characteristics; A true marvel of science and nature alike!

So don’t delay – watch our documentary for answers to all your questions about Oliver – The Humanzee!

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David B