OJ Simpson – The REAL Untold Story

Jul 21, 2022 | Crime, Justice, Videos

20 years after the original O.J. Simpson trial, the case is still appealing and interesting for American public. Simpson was officially accused for murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ronald Lyle Goldman in November 1994, and the verdict, claiming he is not guilty for the crime was announced in October 1995.

20 years later, American television is now publishing a mini TV series, an American crime story. New evidence and proof are found even now, with a knife found on his property just the past week. Police sources confirmed the knife is not linked with the murder.

That being said, in the eyes of the public in the United States, O.J. Simpson was and will always remain a guilty man. The “Untold story” documentary takes a look at some of the clues and evidence during the trial that many believe were dismissed or ignored. Some of the clues in the documentary might shed new light on the case.

Nowadays, the O.J. Simpson case is considered the most publicized crime in American history. With so many controversies and mysteries surrounding the case, take a look at a different view of the clues.

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Riyan H.