Oil and Gas in the Arctic | Ice Race

Sep 22, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The Arctic is home to our last major oil and gas reserves. With the world’s dependency on these fuels, the arctic holds the promise of a veritable treasure trove of black gold, and the potential for the northernmost town in the US, Barrow, to be transformed into an oil hub.
However, the situation is far from straightforward. The melting of polar ice caps has sparked the oil industry’s interest in the Arctic, and with violent conflicts and wars raging in some of the world’s most affluent oil states, the dream of discovering major oil and gas finds in the Arctic has become more tantalizing than ever before.
Our documentary, “Entering Virgin Territory,” delves into the heart of this situation. The episode explores the dramatic energy situation and the impact of oil exploration on the vulnerable Arctic environment and the indigenous populations living in the area. Should Arctic considerations take precedence over the living standards of the rest of the world? This is just one of the many important questions that we’ll seek to answer in this documentary.
We’ll also address the question of who should be entitled to extract future oil and gas reserves in the Arctic, and where the borders should run in this icy territory. History has shown us that this is an extremely dangerous situation. Border conflicts and disputes over territorial claims could easily escalate into violent conflicts. Will a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on oil be able to resolve these issues in an amicable manner?
In our fourth and final program, “Border Conflict,” we’ll show you how the new race in the Arctic is creating new borders and new conflicts. If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of the complicated situation in the Arctic relating to oil exploration, then be sure to watch our documentary series.

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David B