O Danado do Samba (That Damn Samba)

Sep 14, 2022 | Music, Videos

For people in Brazil, samba is more than just music. Samba is a way of life, a culture, something as precious as faith. People outside of Brazil have hard time understanding the Samba culture, what it represents, and what it means for people.

Charlie Inman found out about the Samba culture in 2010, when he rented his spare room to a Brazilian musician. What started as all-night living room jams, ended with an obsession with samba and Charlie visiting Rio de Janeiro to better understand samba culture.

During the trip to Rio, Charlie filmed everything on his friend’s DSLR. The result is this documentary, taking you behind the clichés of Samba culture and music, and into the true world of Samba.

Charlie describes samba music as a virus. “I think it is damned, because when it gets you, you can’t get rid of it. You’re going to live with it forever until you die”. And that right there might be the best description of samba music and samba culture.

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Riyan H.