O Christmas tree

Nov 28, 2023 | Culture, People, Videos

As December approaches, the Scherms, like many families, head out to cut down their own Christmas tree. It’s a cherished holiday tradition that they hold dear. But what exactly makes a perfect Christmas tree?
Living in Sauerland, which is home to numerous Christmas tree farms, the Scherms understand the importance of the seasonal industry. For these farmers, the winter season is not just a time of festivities but a crucial financial period as well – they depend on this short run-up to Christmas to tide them over the entire year. While most trees are sold to wholesalers and middlemen, families like the Scherms play an essential role in ensuring that the thriving industry supports many jobs in the region.In this fascinating documentary, Axel Rowohlt follows the Scherms, as they embark on their annual quest for the perfect Christmas tree. s.

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David B