Nuremberg trials: Benjamin Ferencz’s battle for justice

Oct 1, 2023 | History, Justice, Political, Social, Videos

Deutsche Welle is proud to commemorate the life of Benjamin Ferencz, the last surviving chief prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials, with its newest documentary: “A Man Can Make a Difference.” In this captivating film, Ferencz walks viewers through the history of a century that saw humanity experience some of its greatest tragedies, but also its boldest hopes for a better future.
Through director Ullabritt Horn’s eyes, the film presents Ferencz in all his lively vigor, as he speaks at events in Washington, New York City, Frankfurt, and Nuremberg. The film also features interviews with Ferencz’s colleagues, friends, and accomplices, who shed light on the man’s unwavering dedication to the idea of an international criminal court. Join us in this remarkable journey, as we take a deep dive into the history of our world, and the possibilities of a more just future.

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David B