NOVA’s two-hour special, “To the Moon,” originally aired in 1999 and is a compelling documentary that tells the untold story of one of humanity’s most remarkable achievements: getting the first men to the moon. The program dives deep into both the science and engineering that went into this seemingly impossible feat, providing viewers with a comprehensive look at all the effort that was put in to make it happen.

The documentary features interviews with prominent figures involved in putting man on the moon, including astronauts, engineers, scientists and more. It gives an unprecedented glimpse into the trials and triumphs they faced along their journey, as well as a deeper insight into some of the major technological advances made during this era. From navigational systems to space suits to fuel cells – almost every facet of rocketry was pushed to its limit in order for this mission to be successful.

This NOVA special also goes beyond what is normally seen about space exploration, taking a closer look at how power politics played a role in getting people to other worlds. It shines a light on some of the unsung heroes who worked tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make these dreams reality – often for little recognition or reward.

If you’re fascinated by space exploration or just want to understand more about how we got here today, “To The Moon” is an essential watch. This captivating documentary offers an informative and entertaining window into one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments – so sit back and enjoy!