North Korea: Crossing The Line

Jan 12, 2024 | News, Political, Videos

In 1962, during the height of the Cold War, a U.S. soldier stationed in South Korea undertook an extraordinary journey when he deserted his unit and defected to North Korea – one of the most heavily fortified areas on Earth, and an enemy communist state. Private First Class James Joseph Dresnok made this brave decision in order to turn his back on America and live under the protection of North Korea.

For decades, both the United States and North Korean governments denied that Dresnok was living in a place so hostile to American interests. It wasn’t until recently that outsiders were granted permission to talk to him and learn more about his story – a story that has been made into a riveting documentary, entitled Crossing The Line.

Crossing The Line provides viewers with an intimate look at Dresnok’s life as a much-coveted star in North Korea’s propaganda machine. In it, we witness how he ingratiated himself in a system that relies upon hatred for America and submission to the state and its leader above all else. We also get insight into what drove Dresnok to make such a radical decision: what possessed him to cast aside familial ties and embrace an unfamiliar new life?

Crossing The Line is essential viewing for any curious minds looking for answers about Private First Class James Joseph Dresnok’s journey – from how he crossed the heavily guarded line between North Korea and South Korea, to who he is today. By delving deep into this man’s story, viewers will gain a greater understanding of why some are willing to sacrifice so much for freedom from oppression – an experience which still resonates with relevance today.

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David B