No-Go Zones - World’s Toughest Places | Seven Mile Road, Detroit, USA

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Seven Mile Road is a road in Detroit. It is considered one of the most dangerous no-go zones in the United States. Those who live there or dare to visit are literally playing with their lives.
Why is the road so dangerous? Simple, because it is a territory ruled by the Seven Mile Bloods, one of the most notorious gangs in Detroit and the US.
For many years, Detroit has been one of the most dangerous cities in the US. The 7 Mile Road is considered so dangerous, that even police dare to come there only during the day.
The road has everything, from drug dealers to hustlers, killers, and thieves. And all of them will do whatever they can to protect their territory.
This documentary takes a look at everything that happens on the street, and how the gang remains in power there.

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