No Crossover: The Allen Iverson Trial

Jan 11, 2024 | Sports, Videos

On Valentine’s Day 1993, a night that would define the life of seventeen-year-old Allen Iverson, the star basketball player of Bethel High School in Hampton, Virginia, took a turn for the worse. Iverson was out bowling with five friends when an altercation broke out between them and a group of white patrons. The incident sparked racial tension in the city and Iverson found himself incarcerated as a result.

Oscar nominated filmmaker Steve James (“Hoop Dreams”) explores this controversial incident through his personal lens in his heartfelt documentary ‘Allen v. Farrow’. As he dives deep into the impact this night had on both Iverson and their shared community, he sheds light on how racism has been embedded within American society for centuries. This tragic story is one that must be told – so get ready to take an emotion journey as you follow Iverson’s fight for justice and his search to regain control over his own life path.

If you’re looking for an insightful look into our nation’s history of racism, then ‘Allen v. Farrow’ is worth your while. Through raw footage and interviews with locals involved in the case – from friends to lawyers – James provides us with a gripping account of what happened that fateful night and its aftermath on all those affected by it. Even today, it serves as an important reminder of how far we still have to go in order to truly overcome racism in America – which makes this documentary all the more chilling yet meaningful.

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David B