Nissan GTR

Jan 10, 2024 | Business, Technology, Videos

Nissan GTR is the ultimate Japanese super car, designed to rival Porsche and Ferrari. With a top speed of over 300km/hr and an acceleration of 0 to 100km/hr in just 2.8 seconds, it has pushed the boundaries of what was considered possible for a car. Its unique design has also challenged the conventions of car design and aerodynamics – angular and blunt, inspired by the Gundam robots rather than the sleek lines of western super cars.

This documentary takes the viewer inside Nissan’s megafactory, which is as large as 600 football pitches, to observe every step in its construction and testing process. From weight distribution and suspension through to gear-design and hand-crafted engines made by four master craftsmen known as Takumi – meaning artisans in Japanese – this film reveals all the secrets behind what makes the GTR such a great car.

If you are looking for an insight into how a Japanese supercar is made, then this film provides that experience with stunning visuals and detailed explanations throughout. This documentary provides an exciting journey into understanding and appreciating what goes into making one of Japan’s most impressive creations: the Nissan GTR. So if you have ever wanted to learn more about how this remarkable machine came to be, don’t miss out on this informative exploration into its origins; watch this documentary today!

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David B