Nina Simone - The Legend

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Nine Simone will long be known as an iconic music singer, songwriter, and a civil rights activist. She is responsible for popularization of different music styles, including jazz, blues, gospel, and R&B. She passed away tragically in 2003, but her music and legacy will live on.

Nina was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the late 1980s, and her illness was just as integral part of her life as her music. Because of her bipolar disorder, Simone had a high temper, and her frequent outbursts were legendary. She even tried to kill a record company executive, firing at him in 1995. She later said she missed.

As for her music, she assembled a collection of songs that became standards in her repertoire. She wrote some songs, and she made new arrangements to others. One of her most successful songs is “My Baby Just Cares for Me”.

The extremely talented singer and artist is a complex character. The documentary “Nina Simone – The Legend”, takes a look at the singer from a personal angle. Featuring an interview with Simone, and few scenes from concerts, the documentary tries to paint a picture of the civil rights icon, the victim of mental illness, and the talented jazz musician. The candid interview does a great job of showing all aspects of her complexity.

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