New York City rich and poor — the inequality crisis

May 9, 2023 | Economics, People, Social, Videos

“New York City Rich and Poor – The Inequality Crisis” is a gripping documentary that delves deep into the stark contrasts between the different social strata in the Big Apple. Created by Stefanie Dodt and Christiane Meier, this eye-opening film follows three families from opposing levels of New York society – the bottom, the top, and the middle – over the course of eight months.
Through their in-depth observations and intensive data research, the creators of the documentary reveal how wealth and social status have come to determine people’s survival during the COVID-19 pandemic. With an ever-widening gap between the rich and poor, New York was already struggling to address social and economic inequality before the pandemic struck. Now, with the outbreak amplifying these pre-existing problems, the documentary offers a revealing insight into how health has become the latest luxury commodity, as the pandemic takes its toll on those at the margins of society.

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David B