New forests for greater climate protection?

Jun 12, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Videos

In “The Tree Solution”, viewers are invited to step into a world where reforestation is hailed as the ultimate tool to save the planet from climate change. But does planting trees offer the miracle solution we desperately need? Director Amanda Wilson takes us on a journey from Australia to India in search of answers, travelling across two continents and speaking to landowners, scientists, and campaigners along the way.
Through captivating interviews and stunning visual storytelling, “The Tree Solution” delves into the big questions surrounding reforestation initiatives. How effective are these campaigns? What conflicts can arise from different land usage demands? And how many trees need to be planted to balance out carbon emissions? With deep insight into both the challenges and the triumphs of this global issue, this documentary offers an informative, thought-provoking exploration of what the future of our planet could look like.

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David B