Nepal: A doctor helps the blind see

Aug 26, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

In the heart of Nepal, ophthalmologist Sanduk Ruit has been developing an innovative method to treat cataracts, a widespread eye disease that can result in blindness, particularly among the world’s poorest people.Sanduk Ruit himself grew up in poverty, and his determination to help those affected by cataracts has been unwavering since an early age. His revolutionary treatment is quick, cheap, and more effective than anything previously available, giving patients from even the most deprived backgrounds a chance to regain their sight. The artificial lens he developed is affordable, making it a more accessible option for those without means. Sanduk also travels to remote parts of Nepal to perform the operation on those unable to pay, free of charge.
Through their travels in Nepal, Dennis and Patrick Weinert documented Sanduk’s inspiring work, capturing his passion and tenacity, as well as the incredible impact of his treatment on the lives of his patients. Coming soon: Witness the life-changing work of one man on a mission to give the gift of sight to all, in a powerful new documentary exploring the intersection of science, dedication, and compassion.

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David B