NBA’s Greatest Rivalries

Apr 12, 2022 | Media, Sports, Videos

Rivalries and competition is good for the public. We hear that all the time. And some of the greatest rivalries in the NBA made the sport popular. Back in the 80s, Magic and Bird were going at each other, and they became the face of the modern NBA. One in Los Angeles, the other in Boston, the two superstars continued the long tradition between the two cities.

But before there were Magic and Bird, Wilt and Bill Russell were fighting for domination in the league, and the title best center in the NBA. Bill has the titles, and Wilt has the numbers. No matter who you like you more, and who you believe was the better player, the rivalry helped bring fans to the Arena.

One of the last great rivalries in the NBA is the Chicago vs. Detroit rivalry. Michael Jordan versus the Bad Bays of Detroit. Jordan needed few years to get pass the Pistons and their dirty play.

The documentary takes a look at all three great rivalries, how they shaped the NBA and who came on top.

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Riyan H.