Nasa Rocket Tower | Building Demolition | BlowDown | S01 E04

Aug 5, 2023 | Aviation, Technology, Videos

Are you fascinated by the art of controlled demolition? The explosive four-part series, ‘Blowdown,’ delves into some of the most challenging and unique demolition projects of Controlled Demolition Inc. of Phoenix, Maryland. This NASA Rocket Tower Demolition is just one in a series that promises to offer insight into the teamwork, skill, and precision required from the demolition experts.
Built in the early 1990s, MST 40 was once the most massive mobile structure globally, standing at 265 feet tall with 20 working stories. The tower launched some of the most prestigious missions to Saturn and Mars Observer. However, due to the phasing out of the rocket type, the tower became obsolete, and the air force retired it in 2005.
The demolition team was tasked with preparing the tower, braving challenging weather conditions and strict regulations that needed to be observed. The team had to work in a brush fire hazard area, where frequent electrical storms, high winds and two sets of lightning towers added to the challenges.
To achieve the required precision, CDI used over 700 powerful steel cutting explosives, shaped charges, to cut through the entirely metal structure. The team’s high level of expertise and knack for precision was tested as a subterranean control bunker sat beneath the tower, and two sets of lightening towers lie close to the intended path of the tumbling tower.
To make the project even more intense, CDI was called in to work on MST 40 during the cusp of the hurricane season, giving them only one month to prepare, load, and implode the tower.
The documentary offers a glimpse into the lives of demolition experts and the hard work they dedicate to take down seemingly unbreakable structures. Watch ‘Blowdown’ for not only this captivating episode but also for insight into other mind-boggling demolition projects that will leave you in awe.

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