Narco State: Inside Mexico’s Drug Cartels

Oct 11, 2023 | Crime, Drugs, Videos

The curse of Mexico has been felt for more than a century. Its wealthy neighbor, the United States of America, is the world’s largest consumer of illegal drugs, and in order to satisfy its insatiable appetite for narcotics it has turned to Mexico as its supplier. From alcohol during Prohibition to cheap labor for generations, illegal drugs have become the most profitable product Mexico can offer.

In this Sky News special report correspondent Stuart Ramsay takes an inside look at Mexico’s illegal drug labs and how the cartels have come to dominate Mexican society. He sheds light on this billion-dollar-a-year industry and how it affects both individuals and countries around the world. The footage captured provides a comprehensive insight into how these operations work, their impacts on people’s lives and what preventative measures are being taken by law enforcement agencies to try and curb them.

This is more than just an exploration into illicit activities—it is a story about a country struggling with addiction, poverty and violence that have become part of everyday life in many communities throughout Mexico. It is also an opportunity to understand better why so many Mexicans risk dangerous journeys northwards in search of a better life.

In this documentary you will see firsthand the dangerous conditions that prevail in some parts of Mexico due to organized crime’s hold on the nation—and witness first hand the consequences when these organizations wield such power over large swaths of Mexican territory. By taking viewers ito this dark underworld, Sky News hopes to both inform and encourage action from citizens worldwide who care about human rights abuses in Mexico and elsewhere around the world.

So join Stuart Ramsay as he takes us on an in-depth journey through Mexico’s underground drug smuggling operation that fuels much of America’s opioid crisis—and learn how citizens can take a stand against illegal activity everywhere they encounter it. Don’t miss your chance to watch this important documentary—only available on Sky News!

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David B