Mystery Places: The Beatles Meditation Place & a Floating House in Canada

Sep 3, 2023 | Culture, People, Religion, Videos

Join us on an exciting adventure as we explore some of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring places in the world in this latest episode of Mystery Places. This captivating documentary will take you on a journey across the globe, giving you a glimpse into some of the most intriguing places on earth.
Our first stop is the Indian retreat where The Beatles once meditated. The serene and peaceful atmosphere will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. As we continue our journey, we’ll discover how the Chinese people recreated massive European and American cities and attractions, bringing a touch of the West to their homeland.
Next, we’ll take you to Canada where we will visit Freedom Cove float house. This marvel of engineering, located entirely off the grid, is bound to inspire and awe you with its beauty and incredible detail. We’ll show you how it’s possible to live sustainably, and in harmony with nature, without sacrificing on comfort, luxury, or style.
Then we will travel to Green Bank, located within the National Radio Quiet Zone in West Virginia. Here, we’ll discover how to disconnect and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature away from the constant noise of our busy lives.
In Brazil, we’ll visit the one-tree park and marvel at nature’s wonders. This extraordinary park, which features only one tree, is an excellent example of how humans and nature can coexist in harmony.
Finally, we’ll take you to Israel and showcase a glass factory where we’ll witness master craftsmen at work, creating exceptional pieces.
Join us for this thrilling and captivating journey, and experience the magic of these mystical places for yourself. Be sure to watch the latest episode of Mystery Places and prepare to be transported into another world!

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David B