Mystery Places: Dr. Seuss House, Ghost Towns and the Edible Bird’s Nest

Jul 10, 2023 | People, Videos

Travelers and adventurers often seek to explore the world’s most mysterious places, from the Gate to Hell in Turkmenistan to ancient ritual sites scattered around the globe. One such remarkable location is Appice, an abandoned Italian ghost town located in the province of Foggia.

Appice is an eerie yet captivating place with a long-forgotten history. It was founded in the early 15th century by a family of noble knights as a spiritual retreat and a center of worship. The town was abandoned in 1799 due to military operations, leaving behind its majestic bell tower, imposing walls, and elegant churches. In recent years, it has been featured on various documentaries and TV shows as one of Italy’s most mysterious places.

The neighboring Borneo island is home to another unique activity – swallow nesting harvesting. The local population collects nesting materials from the cliff faces during certain months of the year when birds build nests for their offspring. This practice has been going on for centuries, providing an important source of income for many local communities.

In northern Italy near Padua lies another strange site: The Prigioni delle Mille Possibilità (Prison of a Thousand Possibilities). This complex consists of 31 buildings connected by underground tunnels and secret passages that were used as prisons during World War II. Even today, this site continues to puzzle visitors with its peculiar architecture and baffling layout; it serves as inspiration for countless conspiracy theorists and paranormal investigators alike.

These three locations all have amazing stories to tell – stories that you can learn about in more detail by watching the documentary series ‘World’s Most Mysterious Places’. From forgotten towns to mystical rituals and secret prisons – get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey!

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