My Son The Pornographer

  • Published 7 years ago
  • 9.7

A story about the strains and stress that tear families apart, “My son the pornographer” is actually a love story between a father and a son. The love story unfolds between Art, a man from a conservative past, and his son Kole, who works as a pornographer and writer in Prague.

Art starts his story saying that “He was raised in conservative family, so when he found out that his son was making porn movies, he was disgusted by it”.

“I’d take any job that pays me, but to be honest, I always wanted to work in the porn industry”, states Kole.

Through the documentary, both Kole and Art struggle to understand each other, at times in a painful and stressful way.

As his father and mother broke up their relationship, Kole was living with his father for some time during childhood. Eventually, he left school, and from Canada, he moved over to Los Angeles and to Europe where he started his career in the porn industry.

“My son the pornographer” is 100% honest and genuine story, and the emotions displayed by both the father and the son will certainly bring tears to your eyes. But if you like to see how the relationship unfolds, enjoy the ride.


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