Murder In The Alps

Dec 31, 2023 | Crime, Videos

On 5th September 2012, the beautiful French Alps region was shaken by a devastating tragedy. On that day, a family of four from Britain on holiday were brutally murdered in their car. The father and mother of the family were shot at point blank range, followed by the grandmother. In addition to this, a young 7-year-old girl was also shot, and a cyclist passing by was killed. Miraculously, one man managed to escape the violence unscathed.

The story has since been documented in the Panorama special ‘The Annecy Shootings’, which follows former British RAF pilot Christopher Bailes as he returns to the scene of the crime for the first time since its discovery. Through interviews with neighbours and passersby, alongside footage from police investigation spanning across 15 countries, we get an insight into what happened that day. This includes testimonies from a witness who speaks for the first time about seeing a British car in the area just moments before the shootings took place.

This documentary is sure to offer an intriguing and captivating look into one of France’s most mysterious unsolved murders. It will be sure to move you with its tragic tale of loss as well as shock you with its thrilling mystery angle. If you’re looking for riveting true-crime drama with plenty of suspense then ‘The Annecy Shootings’ is most certainly worth viewing!

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David B