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May 3, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Videos

Bassunga and his brave band of men make a treacherous journey each day, cutting down trees in the forest with nothing more than bare hands and feet, for a meager salary. A dangerous activity they must undertake to feed their families despite it being illegal in Mozambique. The wood is then shipped to China where the demand is high and insatiable.

For those who travel these routes, the roads become a living hell. Even Bassunga’s minibus faces danger as he tries to care for his companions on this hazardous trip – with no protection from the harsh environment or other dangers that may lie ahead.

The documentary, “Wood”, offers a gripping look into Bassunga’s world and all its harsh realities – including violent militias, poverty and corruption – as he continues to fight every day just so he can provide for his family. As we follow him deep into Mozambique’s forests we gain insight into his daily struggles, courageously risking everything in pursuit of providing for those he loves most.

This powerful film gives us an intimate glimpse into Bassunga’ life story, showing how one man’s determination perseveres in spite of overwhelming odds. With stunning visuals, sharp storytelling and an engaging soundtrack “Wood” provides viewers with an indelible guide through this unique experience while demonstrating how even under difficult situations there can be moments of hope amidst great tragedy.

We urge you to watch “Wood” and see firsthand how one man’s determination can still overcome incredible adversity while giving us an up-close view of the everyday heroism of Bassunga and his men against all odds.

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David B