Moutai – China’s communist spirit

Jul 14, 2023 | Business, History, Videos

For the first time in history, viewers will get an inside look into the world of Moutai, a sharp-tasting liquor from Southern China that has been dubbed the world’s most valuable alcohol brand. Despite its controversial origins and pricing, the drink has gained immense popularity among the Communist Party elite, and has even been used as a lubricant for business deals and favors. In this two-part documentary series, viewers will be taken on a journey through its history, how it rose to fame, and its impact on China’s political and economic landscape.
Narrated by Michael Chen, the first segment of the documentary dives into Moutai’s unique flavor profile and how it’s being used not just as a drink, but as a symbol of Chinese culture and nationalism. The second segment covers the company’s violation of the rules and its history of being associated with the Communist Party, and how this relationship has both benefited and hindered its business practices. Don’t miss out on this incredible in-depth look at one of the most interesting business stories in the world.

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David B