Most Evil

Dec 29, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Murderous masterminds, brilliant, wicked and conniving – they all share a common trait: exceptional intelligence. But what drives these gifted individuals to become some of the most brutal killers in history? To answer this question, a 22 point scale has been put together that measures criminal behavior and the level of evil present in each individual. From impulsive murders to serial killers, it is possible to determine who among us are the most evil.

One documentary attempts to explore this phenomenon in detail and shed light upon the intricacies of twisted minds. The show ‘Evil Genius’ follows four infamous masterminds as they leave their mark on the world with their crimes. It delves into the past and examines their actions through multiple perspectives which helps create a comprehensive picture of their motives and intentions. Viewers can learn about psychopathology, neuropsychology, sociopathy, and other aspects of psychology that help dissect criminal behavior.

The documentary also showcases interviews from law enforcement personnel who were part of investigation projects involving these malicious perpetrators. The firsthand accounts give us an insight into how such intricate cases were solved by authorities despite overwhelming odds stacked against them. In addition, viewers will also be provided with commentary from experts in various fields related to crime and criminal psychology for further analysis of heinous acts committed by these masterminds.

If you are intrigued by this notion of extraordinary intellect transforming into violent behavior then ‘Evil Genius’ is worth checking out! The series provides an engaging look at some of the most notorious criminals throughout history while examining multiple factors that contribute to such heinous acts. Watch as each narrative unfolds in its own unique way and see if you can uncover any clues behind why these characters acted so maliciously!

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David B